Book Ferme les yeux, ouvre la bouche, avale par Frédéric Boisrond

Ferme les yeux, Ouvre la bouche, Avale

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This book is a veritable manifesto for identifying bandits, a statement of principles for resisting scoundrels.

The author demonstrates that, since 1927, the Canadian Parliament has not respected the elementary principle of the religious neutrality of the State. He beats up the politicians of this country, those middle-class knights, who offer the poor nothing but hope and contempt...

The author recalls that in refugee camps, children are left to their own devices. They sleep, eat and play in subhuman conditions. The madness of their elders condemns them to go mad, completely mad.

The author, Frederic Boisrond prefers to warn you... What he is about to tell you will chill your blood!

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