JRE Organic Haitian Coffee - 24 Pods Recyclable

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With this purchase, you can be assured you are receiving genuine single serve organic coffee pods that have been created with care, quality and are recyclable.

Our JRE coffee is grown to create a positive, lasting impact for farmers and the environment, so it can be enjoyed for generations.  Our passion for coffee runs as deep as your own. We are committed to 100% responsibly sourced coffee beans that are roasted to perfection.  By buying our coffee, you help support farmers in Haiti and help them build better businesses.

Flavor Name: Medium-Dark Roast (Vienna)
Tasting notes: Smooth Roasty goodness, chocolaty body, subtle citrus undertones.

Flavor Name: Dark (French) Haitian Coffee
Tasting notes: Deep, smoky-taste with hints of attractive bittersweet flavors.