Solar Panel Home Kit (3500W or 5500W)

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A solar panel kit for your home that will provide you with the power you need 24 hours a day in Haiti. Our All Inclusive service includes assessment, equipment, delivery, installation of your solar system by expert technicians and post-installation support.  

Both kits include battery, solar panels, inverter, bracket and cables and ability to monitor production and consumption.

 Kit for 5500W Includes:

1 pcs 51.2V 200Ah LFP battery (one LFP battery equal to approximately 8pcs Gel batteries) 
10pcs 380W solar panels
1pcs 5.5KW hybrid inverter
Several mount bracket for solar panel and solar panel cable

Production capacity of 15kwh a day.  The battery will store 10kwh.

Ability to monitor production and consumption


[ This item is delivered in Haiti ]