Biscuits SSO for Odorless Stool

Biscuits SSO for Odorless Stool

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The principle of action of the Biscuit SSO, is based on a simple formula of common sense, to change the chemistry of the raw products, is to change systematically the chemistry of the waste and thus the intensity of the odors.

You need to take 1 cookie a day, in the morning or evening for 5 days before you start to see the effects if you are a large secreter of organic compounds. If you are not a great secreter of organic compounds, the results can be observed after 3 days.

Box of 14 for a duration of 2 weeks
Box of 28 for a duration of 4 weeks.

*The cookie, being made with cereal products, may contain traces of peanuts, gluten, sulfite and other food allergens.