Premium Black Cigars Ayiti 1804

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Why? These cigars will bring you to the precious land where the slaves put officially an end to their misery and gained their independence after a 13-year long war against the French colonizers in 1804.

Smoking these cigars will give you the real meaning of:

“Liberty- Equality- Fraternity”(for all) and will help you traveling through times while feeling the air and touching the earth of this Great Nation.

By smoking these organic, 100 % natural, no synthetic flavour, hand rolled cigars in Jacmel, you will feel like one of the Heroes that put an end to slavery.

You are feeling: Brave, Fearless, Powerful, Invincible, Determined, Proud, Great, Successful??? Time for a Premium Black Cigar.

SMOKING a Premium Black Cigar and you will feel immediately the spirits that inspired those men and women and helped them conquering their “Freedom”.