Body Armor Matrix Systems (Bullet proof vest)

Body Armor Matrix Systems (Bullet proof vest)

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Body armor provides a crucial level of protection in a world where firearms are becoming increasingly common. Regardless of whether you are a member of law enforcement, the military, or a civilian, it is essential to protect yourself against active-shooter situations.

Bulletproof vests are made up of a textile carrier that holds two armor panels. Although they are not bulletproof, they provide significant ballistic protection against various threats. These panels belong to two categories: either hard armor or soft armor.

Hard armor panels provide protection against heavy threats posed by assault rifles. While soft armor is designed to shield against lower threats, such as handgun ammunition.

Manufacturer: Armor Matrix Systems
Soft armor solution: PP-GEN7-IIIA
Threat level: IIIA
Ballistic material: UHMWPE
Thickness: .23 inches / 6 mm
Weight: 0.96 lbs/ft² and 4.7 kg/m²
Warranty: 7 years
Flexibility: high


The National Institute of Justice in the US certifies and tests these panels. Most manufacturers follow the NIJ Standard-0101.06, which ranges from II (the lowest handgun protection) to IV (the highest protection).