Archive Extract Certificate from Haiti (4-12 weeks)

Archive Extract Certificate from Haiti (4-12 weeks)

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Get an Extract of birth certificate from the Archives in Haiti.

How does the process work?

Both steps MUST be completed before we can start processing your request.

Step 1: Click to fill the EXTRACT birth certificate request questionnaire online (available in French and English)

 HaitiNet - EXTRACT of Birth Certificate Request Form

Step 2. You select and pay online for the service you wish to purchase, namely standard, express or ultra.

Upon receipt of your information and payment, we engage in the work to retrieve a copy of the requested birth certificate.

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If your valid birth certificated is not registered in the Archives, a fee is charged to undertake the necessary legal procedures needed as a pre-requisite to obtaining the extract of your birth certificate. 

Our Archive Retrieval Service offers a fast, efficient, and secure way to access archived documents. Clients can request specific extracts from archives in Haiti, and our dedicated team ensures that these are delivered in a timely manner, either digitally or physically, according to the client's needs.