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What we do?

We make it easy to find local services or local suppliers, to buy online and enable you to energize the local economy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the price displayed for products in your catalog in U.S. dollars?

A. Yes


Q. Do prices listed in your catalog include shipping and administrative fees?

A. Prices do not include shipping or administrative fees as they may vary per location


Q. What methods, can I use to pay?

A. You may use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and Apple Pay.  You may also order and pay later (e.g. by bank deposit, money order, cash on pick-up etc.).  If you choose to pay later, your order will be processed after we receive payment.


Q. How can we work with HaitiNet?

A. We welcome partners and suppliers of products or services.  For instance, we work with to offer trademark services.


 We welcome your questions.

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