Starlink Satellite broadband Internet in Haiti

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Get reliable, fast Starlink Satellite broadband Internet in Haiti. Our Starlink in Haiti service menu includes:  1) Needs assessment and Planning  2) Satellite Dish Installation 3) Internet service subscription 4) post-installation support

The pre-installation assessment service helps to evaluate, understand your specific needs and plan your Starlink in Haiti installation.  The installation service ensures that your satellite dish is properly installed and configured.  Together, they cover topics such as:

[Ordering your Starlink equipment]  [Placement of your Starlink dish to avoid obstruction] [Distance from dish to router (75 vs 150 ft)]  [Selection of accessories to mount your dish (short vs long vs pivot, vs ground mount)]  [Easy removal of the dish (security, weather etc.)] [Portability mode]  [What is your home made out of (concrete, wood etc., studs in your wall are wood vs metal)]  [Drilling through your external wall (cable routing kit : masonry?)]  [Size of your home (Need extenders or repeaters, mesh networks?)] [Hard wired computer (Ethernet adapter required?)]  [ Static IP or Managed switch requirement]

Starlink is the world's largest advanced satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver reliable broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more. Download speeds range from 50 Mbps to 250 Mbps. Upload speeds range from 10-20 Mbps. The satellite dish is 19×12 inches with a weight of 9.2 lbs.