Connecting Sellers and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Haiti


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Buying local in Haiti. NGOs face real challenges

From lower costs of imported goods, little or no import duties to difficulty in finding certain items, there are various potential disincentives to "Buy Local" in Haiti.  HaitiNet aims to provide solutions that meet the needs of NGOs.


Buy Local with HaitiNet Prime

HaitiNet offers NGOs an easy to use portal to find local goods or local suppliers and to buy online thereby contributing to the Haitian economy.  The HaitiNet Prime service facilitates the work of NGOs in Haiti and offers two levels of service.

HaitiNet Prime Standard Edition - FREE

  • E-commerce site that makes purchasing easy, fast and secure
  • Access to suppliers and products adhering to the highest standards
  • Lower costs and faster delivery

HaitiNet Prime Solidarity Edition - $99/yr Membership Fee

  • Discounts when you book accommodations or buy goods in bulk
  • Discounts on job postings fees to help NGOs connect with job seekers in Haiti and around the world
  • Procurement services to obtain bids from multiple sellers
  • Provision of reports detailing your NGO's expenditures with local suppliers
  • Last, but not least, receive your very cool "Buy Local" badge

Join HaitiNet Prime - Solidarity Edition

$99 USD per year.  Join Now!




For sellers / merchants doing business in Haiti

As a seller, you are invited to add your products and services to our catalogue thereby allowing customers from the Haitian Diaspora, NGOs and others to order your offerings from anywhere and have it delivered to their family, relatives or to organizations in Haiti, U.S. and Canada.


Quick facts on NGOs in Haiti:

Upwards of 10,000 nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have operated in Haiti within the last decade. 

Since the devastating 2010 earthquake, USAID has dispensed over $3 billion towards humanitarian aid and reconstruction/development efforts. Most of this was disbursed through contracts and grants to bidding U.S. development agencies and IOs.

 Ref.: USAID Funding in Haiti:



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